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Local lawyers work to give child pornography victims a clean slate

By Ashley McNamee

January 30, 2013 PEORIA, Ill  --  One of the most widely circulated victims of child pornography is from the heart of Illinois.  In November, we introduced you to Jennifer, as we called her.

Ashley McNamee interviews Dan Cusack

 The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has found more than 47,500 images of Jennifer's abuse in nearly 5,000 cases since 2002.

Today her father, who took the pictures, is in prison and she receives restitution from the people caught possessing the images.

Jennifer is trying to move forward with her life, but the images of her abuse are still out there, making it nearly impossible.

"The hardest part is when I am reminded of things because I try to move on but there are always things that remind that there are still pictures out there and there are still people looking at them," said Jennifer, who is now attending college.

"We continue with our suits based on the restitution This is going to be a lifelong process for her, obviously.  She receives counseling and she deals with it but it's always in the front of her mind," said Dan Cusack, Jennifer's attorney.

Since November Ashley McNamee has been working with a group of attorneys and lawmakers to make a change for these victims.

Thursday at 10 on News 25, we'll dig deeper into the issue and show you one way we're working to give child pornography victims across the country a clean slate.


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