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Erin Schatsek
Erin has been employed by the firm since March 2005 and is a Legal Assistant to Daniel G. O'Day.  Erin specializes in Estate Planning, Personal Injury, Litigation, and Employment Law.

Esther Siewert Stizmore
Esther Siewert-Sitzmore
Esther has been employed by the firm since October 1986. She is currently the Senior Paralegal specializing in personal injury. She has been employed in the law industry since April, 1970. She studied at the American Institute for Paralegal Studies, Inc., Chicago, Ill. She also received Highest Honors and was awarded Certificates of Distinction in Corporate Law and Legal Research.


Jamie Henderson
Jamie Henderson
Jamie joined the firm in May 2006 to complete her paralegal internship. She was hired in October of that year. She works as a paralegal under Daniel P. Cusack, handling personal injury litigation.

Jenny Houghland
Jenny Hougland

Jenny has been employed by the firm since June 1996 and is a legal assistant to Daniel G. O’Day. She specializes in Family and Criminal Law.


Penny Gale
Penny Gale
Penny has been with the firm since October 2003 and is a legal assistant to Dan Cusack in the area of Workers' Compensation. She was previously employed by a local firm in the personal injury area.

Rosie Jacobsen
Rosie Jacobsen
Rosalie "Rosie" Jacobsen primarily assists Joseph Gilfillan in the areas of business/corporate, estate planning and probate.  She has worked in these fields since 1979.  Rosie has been with Cusack, Gilfillan and O'Day, LLC since 1991.  During her tenure with the firm, she has seen the business/corporate practice double in size, estate planning expand to include complex tax planning issues, the increased use of technology in the practice and day-to-day work.