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Work Comp

Petitioner pinched his arm in a gear while operating a machine. Respondent contended that the Petitioner had violated a safety policy. At trial, the Arbitrator concluded that even if Petitioner had violated a safety policy, he still should recovery under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. This case was appealed and was upheld.

The Petitioner was a manager at a restaurant and felt a pop in her thumb while wiping off tables. The employer contended at trial that the injury was insufficient to cause the problems to her thumb and hand. After two operations, the client was awarded 55% loss of use of her hand. Although the employer appealed all the way to the Appellate Court, they consistently lost.

Petitioner’s job was to smash rock and coal into a grate. While smashing rock, the client felt a sudden and severe pain in his neck, he eventually had a cervical fusion. At trial, the employer contended that the client’s job was not strenuous enough to cause the injury; however, the employer failed to produce a video tape that they had made which purported to show the client doing his actual job.   The arbitrator awarded the Petitioner 25% MAW, back due temporary total disability payments and all medical bills. A concrete barrier was dropped on Petitioner while he was at work on a construction site. Petitioner sustained a crushing injury to his foot. After substantial medical treatment and negotiations, the case settled for $380,000.00.

Petitioner, who worked as a teacher, inadvertently hit his head on a shelf at work. He was diagnosed with a closed head injury. The case settled for $300,000.00 and payment of extensive medical bills.

Petitioner injured his knee while working as a mechanic.   When he came to our office he was at maximum medical improvement and had already obtained a settlement offer. On our recommendation, he was placed in vocational rehabilitation. The offer that he had was then substantially increased by virtue of the results of vocational rehabilitation and the case eventually settled.

Petitioner fell off a ladder while attempting to install a commercial size garage door. He had shoulder and wrist surgeries. After extensive negotiations, the case still settled for $140,000.00.

Petitioner, a dish washer, had chemicals splashed into his eyes while at work. Thereafter, he had some mild vision problems. The case settled for $100,000.00.

Petitioner was diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSD). The case was taken to an immediate hearing to obtain medical proof that the condition was caused by work and for prospective medical treatment. The case eventually settled for $110,000.00

In a case against Caterpillar, the worker suffered Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and couldn’t return to his job. After extensive medical treatment, the Petitioner retired and the case settled for $160,000.00 with open medical for life.


Personal Injury

Our client’s vehicle was hit by a large truck and as a result permanently lost use of some of her extremities. After suit was filed, and many depositions later, the case settled for $6 million.

Our client’s mother resided in an assisted living facility. Unfortunately, she passed away of natural causes; however, no one discovered her body for two and a half days, allowing the body to deteriorate significantly. The clients claimed intentional infliction of emotional distress. After a jury trial, the clients recovered 30 times more than what was offered in settlement prior to trial.

Our client was boating on the Illinois River when he was struck by another speed boat carrying three passengers. Although the initial police investigation concluded no fault by any party, our client eventually recovered $250,000 for internal injuries suffered in the collision.

Our client was seriously injured in a head on collision. Originally, responding officers ruled that the accident had been caused by our client; however, after a private accident reconstruction was performed, we found that the other driver was at fault. We filed suit and eventually negotiated a settlement for our client in the amount of the at-fault driver’s policy limits.

Our client’s elderly mother was a patient at a skilled nursing facility. The facility negligently allowed the patient to strangle to death in a wheelchair seatbelt. After filing suit and various depositions, the case settled for a confidential sum.

Our client was killed in a head on collision with a van. Our investigation revealed that the defendant had been intoxicated by numerous prescription medications, thus increasing the settlement to our client.

Our client was involved in a head on collision while driving on a snow covered road. She sustained a back injury that was non-operative. We were able to prove a claim of permanent injury and recovered the policy limits of the at-fault driver.

Our client’s mother was sent to a skilled nursing facility for rehab after a hospital stay. She was expected to return to her home where she had been living independently; however, she mysteriously passed away within 1 week of arriving at the rehab facility. After our investigation and numerous depositions, we were able to prove her cause of death and reached a sizeable settlement for our client.

Our client’s husband was killed in a vehicular accident. Their life insurance company informed our client that there was no valid policy at the time of her husband’s death. After exhaustive investigation and suit, we were able to prove that the life insurance company had made an error and obtained a settlement for the client, based on the policy.